Moon Knight

  • Moon Knight

11x17 300 series Bristol
Ebony pencil, Sumi ink, white paint, color pencils

Why do I love MK? This is what I texted my buddy to answer:

"Other than being a shitty c character that no one cares about, what I love about Moon Knight is that he is juggling three personalities in his head(a rich guy, a soldier of fortune, and a cabbie). And depending which psyche is in charge makes a difference in what MK you get.

The white was originally gonna be him lost in his cape as he tries to figure his shit out(the soldier of fortune believes that he died and was then resurrected by the Egyptian god of the moon,who’s temple he bled out in, to now be his champion and everyone is afraid to really push him on how true that is). But I had explained this to a buddy last night and using the branches now I’m luck fuck it it’s his psyche breaking apart all around him."